Coca-Cola Uses Mobile ‘Games’ To Woo Teens

If you haven’t yet checked out Coca-Cola’s new digital campaign, you certainly should. The F&B giant has gone all out with its new ‘Ahh Effect’ campaign, especially on mobile. While it’s not as ingenious as the Coca-Cola ‘Chok Chok’ campaign we wrote about before, it certainly is a good move forward in mobile engagement. This special focus on mobile, it seems, is because Coca-Cola is trying to engage better with its teenage consumer base. It’s a smart move considering how much time this particular demographic group spends online via mobile.

Coca-Cola mobile gamesWhat is even smarter, however, is how the Coca-Cola mobile campaign has used small bites of content to draw in their consumers. The content comes in the form of small games, which are neither very time-consuming nor demanding in terms of mental acuity and dexterity. For instance, in one ‘game’ users are asked to guess whether is a Coca-Cola can is a regular or a mini, while in another users are asked to shake their devices in order to launch a Coca-Cola Bottle Rocket. They’re designed as pure fun, and great way to push ahead the Coca-Cola brand name and style.

Obviously if the games had been as absorbing or time-intensive as an Angry Birds, the campaign wouldn’t work, simply because the whole point of even having these little games is to focus on Coca-Cola as a brand. They mainly work to emphasize on the ‘Ahh Effect’ of drinking Coca-Cola and in that sense, the use of the games is a brilliant move.

 Coca-Cola Mobile Campaign

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