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Traditionally, merchandising has been about making in-store environments and product packaging as alluring as possible for customers to ensure a brand's products stand out.


However, commerce today is evolving and so are consumers. Purchase decisions are not just driven by how attractive the packaging looks but also by access to product details, incentives and social sharing delivered through the smartphone.

Why Extended Merchandising?

The way customers access information is already changing & impacting commerce the world over. Extended packaging can offer some distinct advantages  over physical packaging and overcome some restrictions like information in multiple languages, delivering video content, sound, rich media as well as delivering  dynamic information which can constantly change like announcements, offers, promotions and more. 





The time is now.

It’s time to bridge the gap so consumers can make informed purchases and brands can build stronger relationships with their customers.

Source: PEW Research Center



Consumers today rely extensively on product information while making their purchase decisions. They want to learn more about the products they purchase and they are increasingly turning towards their smartphones, the internet & information they can access with ease. Unfortunately for manufacturers & brands, not all the product information consumers have easy access to comes from reliable sources acting on the manufacturers behalf. The need to improve product information flow to consumers & strengthen trust and communication between brands & their customers is more critical than ever before.



Customer Speak

We have had great success onboarding member manufacturers and suppliers to start using the system. They have taken charge of uploading and verifying their product data on a regular basis and we’re seeing new item data added daily
— Jan Sommers - CEO, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
With the significant growth in online and mobile commerce, brand owners need to respond to retailer and consumer demands for trusted product data. GS1 Canada is pleased to announce our partnership with Qliktag Software.
— N Arthur Smith - CEO, GS1 Canada